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Seavus Project Viewer 6.0

Seavus Project Viewer 6.0: MS® Project Viewer that opens and views .mpp files apart from MS® Project. Seavus Project Viewer is a low-cost MS® Project Viewer (.mpp files viewer) that allows users to open, view and print project plans (.mpp files) apart from MS® Project . Seavus Project Viewer is available in English, German, French, Czech, Spanish and Japanese. Moreover, Seavus Project Viewer empowers collaboration via shared location or Google Apps™ allowing team members to report task` progress to project managers.

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EventTracker for Windows 3.0

event categories for quick diagnostics - filters for improved efficiency - configurable reports for detailed and management reporting - performance monitoring - critical service monitoring - interaction with other network manager - automatic backup and clear of event logs - remote java viewer for monitoring from non-Windows desktops - monitors UNIX syslog events, - multi window user friendly GUI Console to centrally monitor event activity - easy

nt events, forwarding, trap, snmp trap, event

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EMCO EventLog Audit Professional 2.3.5

EMCO EventLog Audit Professional is a tool for scanning, storing, and manipulating event log data on a LAN. It stores the event log data from all machines on a LAN to a powerful Microsoft SQL Server database where you can search for any details such as Event ID, Type, Category, Source, User SID, string from the event Message, and Time period, by applying your SQL Queries.

enumerate eventlogs, fetch evenglogs, eventlog, nt tools, logs, admin tools

GFI LANguard Security Event Log Monitor 5: Event log based Intrusion detection and network wide event log management.
GFI LANguard Security Event Log Monitor 5

Event Log Monitor is a network wide event log monitor that retrieves logs from all NT/2000 servers and workstations and immediately alerts the administrator of possible intrusions for immediate host based intrusion detection. Using the LANguard event viewer you can also create network wide reports and identify machines being targeted as well as local users trying to hack internal company information. Because LANguard analyses the system event logs

network security, intrusion detection software, security software, windows 2000, event log monitoring, firewall, intrusion detection, intrusions, hacking

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Seavus Project Viewer 2.8.1

Seavus Project Viewer is the leading viewer for Microsoft Project files (.mpp) This Microsoft Project Viewer is a stand alone application that doesn`t require web access nor Microsoft Project it self. Seavus Project Viewer is an easy to use product that lowers your costs substantially and saves time to be more productive. Seavus Project Viewer is a small and effective application that provides views of Microsoft Project plans.

project, ms project viewer, microsoft project viewer, microsoft, project management, free, viewer, inexpensive, gantt, access, application, schedule, easy

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ABCEventLog 1.0

Adding events to the Application Event Log is as simple as ABC with ABCEventLog. The only component to support multiple event types, event sources and both local and remote event logging. That`s right - log events on your database server from your web server!

event log, event

The Report Viewer Pro RPT file viewer. Free download. Full of Features. Professional Software.
The Report Viewer Pro

Viewer allows one to export and save to disk or email reports as PDF, Excel, Word, RTF, XML and HTML files. The software includes a full formula editor. Report viewer makes it easy to organize your reports. The Report Viewer for Crystal Reports will work with any database. Report Viewer is highly customizable; you may disable unwanted features. The Report Viewer helps users manage their reports. The reports can be stored in a tree view, a list view

crystal reports viewer, crystal reports, windows, business, rpt viewer, free trial, report viewer

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